Get your user experience ready for the day after Coronavirus

In the previous post, we wrote about some preparations that should be done today so that when the Coronsvirus pandemic is over, your digital asset (app, website) performs better and is prepared for the new users who are going to meet your asset.

Don't wait for the Coronavirus pandemic be over for improving your websites or apps; you should do these steps today, so on the day the Coronavirus is no longer with us, you will start seeing the income arriving.

Today, we would like to write about the importance of improving the user experience of your website/app right now.

What is the primary value of improving the UX today?

  1. Fulfill the need and want of the arrived user (i.e., the user will reach his goal and you'll get an arrived lead, or a sale, in case you have an eCommerce website.
  2. A positive experience that acquires the user's loyalty and drives them to go back to your website over and over again. For example, let's say you have an eCommerce website, you have a customer that bought once, he/she loved the experience, and in one month from today, he/she will go back to buy once again.
  3. What is the user journey which most provides a bad experience to your users? How can you know that? By recognizing that a user is standing more than 20 sec on the homepage and not moving on to the product page or the contact us page. Your main goal is to analyze why the user has not fulfilled his need and not moved forward.

What is User Experience (UX)?

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User experience (UX) is how a person feels when interacting with a particular system/interface. Website, app, desktop software.

Boats at the sea

So, what should you do today so the day after the Coronavirus you'll have a working website and app?

  1. Understand where the problem comes from - one of the crucial things we think is mandatory to check is your data - analyze the data collected. It can be done by using Google Analytics or HotJar. Survey tools can work here, as well. Understand what users like and what they don't. Check where the user is getting stuck, why they're not submitting a lead, or buying a product. Calculate the conversion rate; if it's too low - you have problems. In this section, we talked about HotJar, which can assist you to see what the users click on, what they see, and where. This is a powerful tool.
  2. Internalization of the problem - we understood where the problem was, we saw that element X is not selling as requested, we recognized that page Y did not bring users into that page as needed. Now, the challenge is to understand why.
  3. Understand the user's mind - what he thinks, what drives him, what age range he is, what his technological knowledge is, and how much he relates to the service we are advertising. Create a real user profile that will help you understand what can work here to him converted (e.g., submit a lead, buy a product).
  4. Make some "Dry" changes - improve the content and the page's experience. Take the conclusions you have drawn and apply them to the site or app and before going live. Send these drafts to friends, colleagues, and receive feedback. It will help you understand their experience without spending a lot of money on website and app design and development.
  5. Time to make some actions - once we understand why users didn't do what we wanted them to do, and after asking or understanding why, it's time to work. Improve the content, improve call-to-action (buttons, forms, etc.)
  6. Tests, tests, and some more tests :) you have implemented the changes to your website or app, that's great! But, the work is not over here, check whether what you thought would improve did, in fact, improve. If so - excellent, but don't rest yet. There are other things to improve that you will probably recognize as part of the improvements you put into action. Is your product not yet enhanced? Understand why - reiterate sections 1-3 :)

Want to improve the user experience of your digital asset today for the day after the Coronavirus? Write us a message.


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