How did we leverage the business results—especially with the spread of the Coronavirus?

In this article, we are going to explain how we saw opportunities and leveraged them. In addition to that, some ads from Facebook will be shared with you; we will also share some case studies that we managed for our customers.


Identifying opportunities

  • Digital agencies reported that their employees are on unpaid leave.
  • As a result, customer service was compromised for clients of those agencies.
  • Agency owners or managers were no longer marketing themselves in the social media—for example, CEOs or CMOs have stopped publishing personal posts in their pages.
  • Agencies moderated their marketing scope from time to money perspectives by pausing sponsored ads and so on.
  • Agencies did not create a new strategy for the time when the coronavirus will pass; they didn’t see the long-term picture.
  • They took a PULL method rather than a PUSH method: they were waiting for things to get done instead of thinking about strategies to create more deal flows.


What did we do to leverage our business?

  • We saved our employees—no one has been We changed the company’s focus on long-term thinking.
  • We focused on customer support and service; these consumed more services than usual. We also made digital adjustments according to our recommendations to maximize the time during COVID-19 from their perspectives.
  • We have written an increased number of PR posts, providing added value to businesses and entrepreneurs during the coronavirus period.
  • We put a marketing focus on SEO and organic posts, wrote more blog content, created more external links from authoritative sites, and ‘won’ many competitors in the rankings as a result. The number of leads doubled in the above period.
  • We did Pivots with some of the startups whose digital assets we manage, invented new products that matched the period, and doubled the revenue from the company’s entrepreneurial sector.
  • We created sponsored ads for potential clients who need SEO and UX services, as these are long-term services that will bear fruit in a few more months, once the coronavirus period is over.
  • We targeted specific countries where the coronavirus had not yet spread:
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Iceland
    • Finland
    • Denmark
    • Mexico
  • We created a brand-recovery program for our clients, which included:
    • Where they ‘meet’ the world after the coronavirus pandemic
    • The development and promotion of new products and services that can save their business
    • Messages created per stage (e.g., an exit strategy, a recovery stage, a back-to-normal situation)

macau image

How do you change and reset goals and objectives?

  • First, stop and think about your path to success.
  • Gather your team.M ake them feel connected to you and your business, then sit with them and brainstorm to create a new business strategy.
  • Examine what your competitors are doing wrong concerning the period and draw conclusions.
  • Manage the project by breaking down the plan into practical tasks according to team members—design, content, marketing, Google, etc.
  • Once a week, have a team meeting to review the business goals and how you accomplished them.


In the above article, we described how should you see chances, and once they are seen, make sure to do some steps in order to be the first one in the market.


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