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The digital product is regarded as a type of product that is created once; however, it could be sold and used plenty of times. A digital product is provided to your customers digitally, and it is known for having an infinite inventory. A majority of the customers resort to a digital agency for creating a digital product for them, and it requires them to provide the digital agency of their preference with a guideline on the development of the product.


Handling project partnerships

1. Requirements are important - when working with B2B customers, a digital agency is obliged to take its customers’ requirements into account for developing a successful digital product.
However, it requires a digital agency to implement a project partnership into its approach, which would enable the startup business owners to give their input, ideas, explanation, and approval on the product. The significance of project partnership has grown drastically over the years, and it has condensed the communication gap between a product developer and customer when it comes to the creation of a successful product.

The digital agency regards the clients as its partners, and it is ready to provide its partners with the best product development services for ensuring the success of the project.

2. Getting feedback to boosting the process - handling project partnerships could range from launching a product collaboratively, brainstorming ideas regarding an upcoming digital project, developing and launching an application, and providing feedback on the sample product before finalizing a product. When a digital agency collaborates with its B2B customer, it does not necessarily require them to work together full-time; however, it helps them in gathering customer feedback to accelerate the launch of the product.

Why work with clients for product development?

1. Each side should come prepared - a majority of the startup consulting clients reach out to a digital agency for creating a website or an app for them. It requires them to have a set of features and elements, which they would like to see on the corresponding website, and if the developed website does not meet their preferences—it could result in the cancellation or rejection of the website.

Digital agencies should work with their clients for having a better idea of their perspective and viewpoint on the digital product. It requires them to seek the approval of their client after the completion of a task prior to moving to the next phase of product development.


2. Relationship gaps are minimized - working with clients for the development of a digital product also minimizes the communication gap between a product developer and a client, and it results in creating a digital product within the given time-frame of the project. If the client has recently established a startup business, and he is not vastly familiar with the fundamentals of product development—then, it could make it difficult for him to convey his idea to a product developer. He ends up with a website or app that does not meet his vision, which could be immensely time-consuming and costly for either of the businesses.

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How does it work?

  • Steps involved in developing a digital product

    A number of companies capitalize on innovation when it comes to the development of a website or app, and it is ready to take a step ahead for offering excellent services to its clients.

  • Preparing a standardized approach

    When working with the B2B customers or startups, the digital agency should cater to the needs of its partners using a systematic approach, and it should prepare a standardized questionnaire for learning more about its client’s upcoming project regarding the development of a digital product. The working partners should be encouraged to discuss their ideas with one another, and they should conduct a personal or confidential meeting for discussing the objectives, as well as the progress of the project.

    However, once the project has been completed, a digital agency should take care of the essential tasks prior to terminating the partnership with its customers.


  • Following a uniform and consistent product cycle

    A number of digital agencies have developed a comprehensive and thorough project life cycle, which comprises of A-Z process and steps required for the completion of the project. The process of product development initiates with brand strategy, and it terminates at user testing, where an experienced member is assigned with the responsibility to measure and evaluate the functionality, feasibility, and workability of the website.

  • Planning a project strategy in advance

    Developing a digital product is inclusive of several elements, and it requires a comprehensive planning strategy or project management for accomplishing those objectives within the given timeframe of the project. It requires the team at an agency to discuss the product management, product launch, business goals, and KPI with its partner in detail prior to moving to the next stage of the project.

  • Discussing the project in detail with the client

    When developing a digital product, the UX/UI design team at the agency should revise the previous objectives and discussion of the project, so it could execute the idea and design of the website accordingly. However, the UX/UI design team should approach the client in person for learning more about their insight on the digital product. It should also inquire about the elements to avoid during the designing and development of a website.

  • Testing the website

    Once the project reaches its completion stage—the members of the agency are required to test the website, and they should look for any modifications for making the final digital product more efficient. If they deduct any sort of errors in the final product, they should instantly make certain improvements for improving the feasibility of the website. Next, they should perform analytics, UI tests, and miscellaneous testing sessions for ensuring that the website or the app is ready to be launched.



Working with clients as your partners are expected to add more value to your digital business, and it helps you in improving your customer’s services by providing your clients with exactly they require in a digital product. It earns your business better and positive feedback—which is a bonus point for your business. It also helps them to evolve and grow their business module, which could benefit the growth of their business in several ways. Companies want to establish a long-term relationship with their partners, and allowing your clients to work as partners with you is an excellent way to build a long-term and trust-based relationship with them.


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