UX writing: the complete and updated guide for 2023

UX writing or microcopy and UI content are some of the basic terms which you have heard all the time. Over the last few years, this writing has become a new and upcoming trend in the field of web or app designing. It would not be wrong to say that it has eventually made itself to be one of the most identified parts of the online marketing and website strategy.  

Also, some examples of companies around the world that did and do this writing as needed and how it provided excellent results.
Tips and pieces of advice about implementing well are going to be shared with you.

In simple terms, User experience writing will be clearing off all the barriers and will increase your engagement. UX writing plays an important and significant role once you start using any app, software, or website. Through the assistance of UX writer, you get better guidance of any app or software in a step by step formulation. This is probably the main reason that it is considered to be so crucial for the success of any website or application.

What is UX writing?

UX is the abbreviation of user experience is all about guiding the users about any website prospect. Now the website users and the rest of the people have clearly understood the actual importance and value of these small pieces of text. This has probably made that writing a particular field.

Some of the people might get confused between microcopy and UX text. Both of them are entirely different from one another. Microcopy is associated with UX writing. But UX writing would need a long-range of text as well.

Microcopy, is a small form of text. You might be finding this text on some call to action sequences, email subject lines as well as page names. UX text also includes such elements. But it is also based on error messages, tooltips, or any such sort of text, which is letting the users perform any kind of action on their site. At some point in time, microcopy and user experience writing are similar in a few stages but somehow they are both completely different from one another in terms of writing and elements composed in it.

ux writing computer

Why is it so important?

No matter whether you are using an app, software, or some website, you always need to have some direction or guidance to use it properly. It will be creating a big bridge of gap between the usability as well as visual layout as well as between the users and the product. Most of the time, it might be possible that there is no particular sort of guidance or written description included! But in most of the cases, words are highlighted in a step by step process over the website. All such words are highlighted under the user experience writing wing. For any product development, it is so much important.

For bringing quality product development, a critical approach and strategic thinking play an important role. It is essential to set the UX writers on board to bring better clarification in the whole scenario of the UX writing. They know how to make the use of conversational language, which will enable the users to understand the product on better terms. Besides, they will add particular feeling into the words and bring an emotional response for the users.

Writers have an ability in which they are maintaining proper consistency in terms of following a company voice tone as well as style. They turn out to be so much detail-oriented and make sure they do miss a single comma, spelling, or bring an incorrect text phrase. This will convey a trustworthy impression on the users related to the product.

The primary value of UX writing in the UX world

The primary value is to align your company messages and atmospheres to the presented content of your website or application.

  • Your brand should be identified by the written content like your customer identifies you by seeing your logo.
  • When you put effort and invest in your UX writing, you play a crucial role in guiding the users to complete their needs.
  • Some examples so you'll understand to identify good user experience writing:
    When you get balloons with a chilling message for logging to your banking app. When you get friendly and non-threatening error messages. When you perform a successful deposit in an eCommerce website and get different updates for your delivery. All these examples can show you how important for your users to have a great UX writing.
  • Important you to have the efforts, you can hire a UX writer or let an agency to handle this job, the importance is to make this done, your users will thank you, and you will benefit from these steps.

Websites that do well UX writing

Starbucks does excellent work. This site adapts itself to you. How? By creating content and microcopy that touches your heart and finds you the right coffee and product, for whom? You guessed it, for you!
See the below example - ‘Love your drink’ title for sure does something for you, by seeing the attracted images with the apt title and call 2 action - find your espresso, this part does excellent work!

‘Find a Coffee for You’ - see that two words start with a capital letter, coffee and you, these are there for presenting the importance of coffee and you, for your choice. Also, they want to learn your preferences by asking questions and receiving information, from you. Later you will be taken to a page which will have the most suitable coffee types for you, and it's all done with great writing.

Another site that does a great job is Squarespace, in the below screenshot you may find it combines the message that the image conveys and the displayed content. The ability to leverage an image by selecting and writing content correctly is an excellent job of a UX writer.

Important you to have the effort for UX writing, you can hire a UX writer or to let an agency to handle this job, the importance is to make this done, your users will thank you, and you will benefit from these steps.

Important tips when implementing UX writing:

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  • Invest in research, don’t move on and create it without having a plan, a strategy that based on in-depth analysis about what would you like to reflect on your users.
  • Based on that research, you’ll have constructions and customer insights, create content that passionate about your products and features.
  • You should write a valid copy, together with creativity, to experience your users and make them understand your product and needs.
  • It's better to have multiple people writing UX on one website or product. Why? Because everyone has his or her perspective and, also, everyone specializes in something else that can give added value to your customers.
  • Start and measure, launch and test, and so on. Have you developed a new component? It's great to see how your users respond to the content you've written, draw conclusions, improve and improve until you see there are all happy. Do not freeze.

For whom UX writing is intended?

The art of performing UX writing is presented through UX writers. They fully know how to craft a perfect copy of any digital product. This will include the involvement of error messages, as well as buttons, menus, and so on. All such small pieces of any text are also known as microcopy.

UX research

In simple terms, all the UX writers will be given a task in which they have to deliver a message of any product as inside and out. This can be made possible only if they are having in-depth and comprehensive knowledge about the user and might have performed a UX research at some point in time.

Some of the UX writers will be current copywriters or might be the former ones. But their main job is to sell the product which they know how to perform it successfully. They should be giving their first importance to the user by crafting an incredible experience that can bring an improvement in their daily lives.  

About the writing and quality checks

You probably understand how important it is to test your content. You have to create a situation that once a month you check the content and its quality. Also, make sure to test the engagement of your users with the content you have written, to make sure the content is beneficial.

More examples

  • Instead of saying "book a room", Google did "Check availability"
  • Grammarly wrote in the button which is asking users to install their extension "Add to Chrome, it's free"
  • Tumbler explains to users if the user has been taken, like that: "That's a good one, but it's taken"
  • Another example: "Starting at $7.49 per serving. No commitment. You can skip or cancel anytime"

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