A GDPR and privacy regulations experts team website

Ever since GDPR burst into our lives, there's been a great need for expert advice in the field. This is where DataWatch enters.


To plan and execute a website for an expert team that motivates the user to contact the team to get a quote. There was also the issue of a strict deadline.

the solution

We added an invitation to start filling a form on the main banner of the homepage that leads the user to a short questionnaire.

From kick-off meeting to tech spec

As we do in every project, we started out by interviewing the management to get their idea of the product, the essence of the partnership and their goals. We then created an elaborate characterization document with all the technical specifications, and a roadmap for the launch.

From idea to product

With a clear plan for the product, we started out with simple sketches until the design concept was approved. Then we created the user interface according to the brand's style guidelines. From that, we moved to develop the front and back ends of the website.

Need UX UI Design Services?

Product launch and plans beyond

The project's progress was on track, and we held a successful launch event. We have plans for the future for new projects and cooperation in the cybersecurity field. To be continued!...

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