Product characterization for the company's new CRM, penetration into B2B markets

We have been asked to help Easy2Give develop a new CRM that addresses B2B needs (owners of banquet halls). It was a wonderful experience to define the new CRM.

The challenge

Easy2Give's competitors have developed CRM systems with B2B features. Easy2Give has traditionally been linked to B2C products. The biggest challenge was changing the mindset and designing screens and processes that meet the customer's needs.

The solution

We conducted interviews with the management and employees, looked at other CRM programs, and came up with recommendations that summarized all the observations. We developed a very detailed spec document.

Interviews with Easy2Give's potential customers

After the deal was closed, we realized we had to interview the people who will use the system. We analyzed competitor systems to understand what is missing and what Easy2Give's management hopes to accomplish with the new CRM. Several conclusions have been reached that have evolved into parts during the product characterization stage.

Using a high-end user experience to describe a complex integration CRM

As a result of conducting the research phase, we now have conclusions. The big mission is to combine multiple systems so that the target audience doesn't feel redundant while considering a non-technical audience.

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Defining user flows for solving our systems' problems

When planning a complicated system, one of the most challenging elements is to define all the flow processes of customers. Why? Because there are so many different scenarios that are supposed to answer user goals. We interviewed Easy2Give's employees and users to make sure the goal won't be missed.


We are pleased with the result; this document can serve Easy2Give well while developing the new system. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the UX/UI.

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