A corporate website for Satellite Imagery expert

OneView's unique value proposition is image analysis algorithms based on virtual, simulated, realistic satellite imagery, optimized for object detection and classification. Using their proprietary technology, they are releasing the bottleneck that holds back satellite data from being fully adopted.

the challenge

Developing and launching a corporate website in a very short time, so that the company could showcase their solutions to investors and potential clients

the solution

Developing a pixel-perfect website that is accurate to the characterization and design provided. We also performed in-depth technological characterization with the customer to deliver a product that meets his needs

A client-side development challenge

We wish to be precise in details and provide our customers with an accurate product that meets their needs and their customers' expectations, as we did here - we have created an organized technological characterization document detailing the elements, effects, how to edit the pages from the CMS, and more.

An impressive website for clients and potential investors

One of our challenges in this project was to create a corporate site that contains a Home page, a Contact Us page, and a Career system quickly to provide the company with a digital presence that did not exist then. Today, they can show what they do to potential customers, investors and even employees who'd want to work for them in the future.

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