What Is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprint with Omnis is a four-day workshop that will guide your team through an innovation-sparking and well-structured brainstorming process. Our daily activities are designed to take your ideas and usher a tangible product to life. Going through concept development, prototype design, and real user testing, our Design Sprint gives your team actionable solutions for your biggest problems.

What You Get Out of Design Sprint
Prototype and Products
Clear Direction
Sync and Transparency
Prototype and Products
At the end of the Design Sprint, you keep the concepts and the prototype that has been developed, along with the documentation, photos, user recordings, and other essential data and materials created through the process.
We refine the insights from Sprint Week into actionable conclusions for you to act on. We will detail how you should be moving forward, recommended changes to the prototype, and actions to achieve the goals we set during the sprint.
Clear Direction
You’ll come away from the Design Sprint knowing if the core concept can successfully meet the challenges it must face. This can give you confidence that you’re on the right path, or let you know to move on before expensive development.
Sync and Transparency
The Design Sprint team includes experts from many departments, providing key insights from varying perspectives on how the organization should move forward. During the Design Sprint, we bring these perspectives into sync.
The Sprint From Idea to Prototype

Break through roadblocks, prepare for the next big investor meeting, and approve your product sooner. Design Sprint lets you rapidly validate ideas and learn what you need to move forward without relying on the long development cycle of building and launching products before you can answer any questions.

The Design Sprint Process
That Gets You Real Results Sooner
First day
We work with you to define challenges and brainstorm countless solutions
Full team
Second day
Together, we curate and vote on viable solutions and storyboard prototypes for the product
Full team
Third day
Our team builds the prototype and prepares for rigorous user testing
Fourth day
Our team carries out testing with real users and uses this feedback to develop recommendations
Why You Need It

Design Sprints are an outstanding investment for any project, cutting costs and reducing time wasted on inefficient and ineffective communication. Instead, your team saves time and money by focusing your efforts on structured and tangible results.

Quickly find out what works and what doesn’t during new product development

Give projects that are stuck that boost they need to overcome difficult problems

Validate new concepts quickly and efficiently without excessive commitment

Draw in more investors with presentations based on real product progress

Align ideas among members from all departments to define the way forward

Accelerate product cycles by finding answers and addressing issues sooner

Why Choose Omnis?
No Production Lines All of our Design Sprint workshops are custom-built to meet the unique needs of your organization.
Digital Expertise We have a long history of successful projects and a Design Sprint team full of dedicated members.
Proven Success Our expert team has already helped so many clients in improving and creating great digital products.
Business Acumen Our experience in developing business strategies lets us help startups reach their goals more quickly.
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