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Product Strategy

Product strategy is the groundwork for the lifecycle of an entire product as a product is created, developed, and adjusted, product strategy factors in the critical target in defining what you aim to achieve. Product strategy is about offering the right product and services to the right target audience. This process entails providing the proper brand names, development, new products, package design, research, and quality. The goal of the product plan is developing products that match customer expectations—whether for a new product or for an existing business that wants to leverage its online store.


Our goal is to deliver measurable, time-bound ideas that clearly define a path to success for your product. Our efficient services are designed to be achieved within specific time frames. Our product plan services are aimed at giving clients the following: evaluation of market potential, customer service, efficiency, financial targets, growth, plans, profitability, and retention.

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    Our vision and goals

    Our vision for every client seeking a product launch plan includes delivering well-researched competitive analysis, a go-to-market strategy, market prospects, positioning, and target customers. Omnis will help your business identify who your customers are, what they need, and the best method for delivering unique product offers.

    Our process

    We help clients recognize and test the desirability, viability, and feasibility of products, as well as income streams and service models. We help you achieve your business’s vision for a product by delivering a detailed and executable roadmap. Our product business model process is focused on developing the strategic phase of the product cycle. This development cycle includes customer problem identification, business model, market fit, and technological approach.

    Pitching prospects and opportunities

    Product strategy requires a non-biased approach to pitching prospects and opportunities, alongside interface design and technological expansion. Omnis’ process provides a comprehensive overview that helps clients make the right decisions relating to consumers' wants, language, market needs, product, and more.

    Competitive analysis

    We start with a competitive analysis. Our competitive study clearly shows your product vision and a review of the customer and market forces shaping your product's direction. The competitive analysis we make answers the following questions: What products or services do they have? What are their strategies? How do they advertise their business? What are each competitor's strengths and weaknesses?

    Linking original plans to your product goals

    Product plan makes available the very basis for scheduling your product’s roadmap and significant features, and for setting priorities. Omnis helps clients in visualizing a variety of product strategies to see your product through an effective execution plan. We will assist you in linking original releases and features that are in-line with your product goals.

    How it works?

    It’s easier to appreciate the connection between goals, initiatives, product lines, and releases when you have them well planned out. Omnis’ process is also helpful in identifying "major" goals through the following steps:
    • Screening the Idea
    • Testing the concept
    • Marketability tests
    • Technicalities and product development
    • Post-launch plan
    • Analysis and improvement


    For existing businesses that are starting a process with us, we offer the product strategy service to understand the existing problems with the site (a store or any website with a business purpose) and implement actual solutions aimed at improving the user experience by designing and implementing components that meet business goals.

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