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Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency

Mobile Application Development

Our goal is to help you realize your company vision and objective whether you are a startup, well-established business or an industry leader. Once we are aligned with the those, we can characterize, design and develop a converting app, that can meet the company plans


We are connected to the business goals of the organization we work with. Each application developed by us is covered end to end. We leverage the most innovative technologies in working with your ideas to develop highly responsive full stack mobile application for your business.

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    Some data to explain about applications importance in these days

    According to various online reports, the number of mobile phone users globally is expected to surpass the 5 billion mark by this year 2019 while the mobile phone penetration is projected to experience continuous growth and will reach 67% before the end of 2019. Out of the shoppers that carry out their businesses especially products and services purchased online, about 4 out of 5 make use of the smartphone while 79% of users have initiated online purchase with the mobile device in the last six months. This will give you an insight into how much you are leaving on the table without your business having a mobile app, whether for Android, iOS. Our team of certified and savvy mobile app developers works in synergy to ensure that we translate your idea to create for your mobile app(s) that completely suits your business needs.

    God is in the details

    We are intuitively programmed to adapt to any devices through which it is being used to provide a maximum user-friendly experience. You can be sure that all our mobile apps are “tap-friendly”, which means all buttons, links, and call to actions are designed with the precise size and margin to guide against error and users opting out from using your app. We incorporate visual content including infographics and video which your users can view on the go to enable them to make a quick decision about your business without having to sit and waste their time reading texts. Our main navigation menu has sufficient padding around the menu which enables the user to read and click or tap the menu items easily. All business requires feedback; it can go a long way to show you what you are doing right and where you need to improve. We do justice to that by helping you to create a mobile app with easy to access forms for users to fill.

    Why do we make such a comprehensive process?

    This is to ensure that all details are well incorporated into the apps we build for you to meet your business objectives. They include thorough up-front design, QA testing on multiple devices, testing for usability, engaging a full beta lifecycle and deployment in various ways. Let’s examine some of our pre-planning, development and post-development processes in the next paragraphs.

    Research for Business Goals

    Every invention begins with an innovative idea, and your dream deserves a place out of your imagination to app stores especially as a startup. We will carry out an extensive analysis of the demographics; attitude, buying behavior and the motivation pattern of your users to build an app that seamlessly meets your business goals.

    Competitor Analysis

    We will run a check on your major competitors to examine their strength and weaknesses. With that, we can come up with giving your business an edge by upgrading on what the competitions do, and introducing what they don’t. Also, at this stage, we incorporate the setting of business goals and KPIs, the creation of product strategy, the offering of product description and product features.


    Wireframing involves the understanding of your future app functionality. We go ahead to draw a detailed sketch that your products or services envision. This helps us to test usability issue and refine your ideas incorporating all the components of your app design perfectly.


    The next step is to create a prototype demo version of your app to see how users will perform in real life before it is fully developed. Here, we take into consideration the implementation of feedback from the users.

    UX/UI design

    We keep the user experience (UX) to the optimum with a quality architect that measures the interaction between design elements to give your user the maximum satisfaction while navigating your website or shop through the app. User Interface, on the other hand, focuses on the look and feel of your app. We carry out as many as a possible review to deliver topnotch UX and UI.


    Here, we incorporate the core functionality of the app. We subject the app to multiple testing and bug fixing following several stages such as the preparation of the front side of the app, creation of interface from the backend including the database for client’ connection. Also, we create page by page, element by element, to make sure it's all connected. We end the process with performance optimization for metrics and analytics. Additionally, we ensure the app is secured and all the versions are saved.


    The following areas will be covered: design testing, we will check the content, functions, app pages are compatible across devices (Android, iPhone, tablets), and we'll run tools (performance, SEO) to make sure the digital product is running, working and secured to the app users.

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