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Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency

User Testing

OK, we have been deployed to production, marketing plans were kicked out, and only think we should immediately to do is to validate the product and test it with the users. We will provide and present results to the stockholders, share conclusions to improve the product. Make sure that the development teams will be aware of these results in order to improve the teams and product quality.


We work with real users to test the main functions and characteristics of a product under development. We work with them for a few hours on a daily basis, and we take their feedback into our account to learn about the product in depth. Also, we believe that finding and eliminating problems during the initial stage of the development process is an easier and cost-effective method.

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    Product validation and stakeholders involvement

    Our company validates the product decisions, and we create solutions for the problems that come up during the first trial. Our team of experts brainstorms the solutions to the problem, and we run tests again to measure the feasibility of the product. We present the outcomes to the shareholders, and we share conclusions and feedbacks for improving the vitality of the product.

    End-to-End testing

    We also forward the feedback to the development teams for improving the performances of the team members. Next, we test the product on Android, iOS, and PC browsers to measure its versatility and feasibility. We collect the relevant insight from the target audience, and we utilize it to better the features of the product. We measure the feedback of the users to drive better results. All these are just a little from our user testing services.

    Benefits of User Testing

    We're a customer experience management agency, when developing a digital product, it is important to be familiar with the testability of the product. A developer cannot simply create a product and present it to the client. It has to create a prototype of a product, test it at every stage to determine its usability and usability testing, and it is further improved to make sure that it meets the expectations of the clients. The process of user testing involves real users/audience, and their feedback is taken into account for improving the characteristics of the product. Let’s have a look at the features of the product:
    • It allows a developer to have a better insight into the development of a digital product.
    • It involves a real group of users, and they provide their feedback on the product, which is then utilized for improving the speed and design of the digital product.
    • It gives the developers an insight into the perspective of the users on the digital product, and how it can help them with transitioning into the next phase of product development.
    • It helps a developer to avoid the probability of any mistakes or glitches in the digital product.

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