Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency

Startup Consulting

Both existing businesses and new startups can benefit from our services. As part of our startup consulting services, we analyze the situation at the beginning of the project, set business goals, then create a digital plan for your startup. In addition, end-to-end execution: user experience (UX), user interface (UI), web development, and applications.

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From Idea to Digital Product

Startup owners contact us when they have an idea in their mind, or in their business plan, and they don't know how to develop it into a digital product, like a website or application. If you find yourself as one of the types above, we will create a professional roadmap with you to launch your idea into production.
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Existing Business to Digital Product

Analyzing an existing startup or business differs from working with a new one. Why? Because a current startup or business has different targets to achieve, the company stands at a different level and position. Our goal is to reanalyze your goals and create a digital updated plan regarding your mobile & web assets for the next five years.
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POC: Proof of Concept

Any digital expert knows how exciting and energizing it is to formulate a new software idea. The entire brainstorming and envisioning process helps your entire team to come up with a solution to help solve a particular problem. But, if your idea is not put under scrutiny, your product may not live up to your expectations. This is where proof of concept comes in handy.
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