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Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency

Existing Business to Digital Product

When an existing startup or business is brought to our notice, we manage the process as follow; get information about the current problems that need to be solved, lead sessions and interviews with the management and company's customers, provide conclusions and perform real actions to achieve these goals.


First of all, it is important for us to know about your position, business goals and any problem the company suffers from, so as to walk with you hand by hand until it's all done. We have an open discussion with the startup users to improve the experience with our products. We prepare a yearly plan for any startup to achieve our common goals when working together.

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    get information about the problem

    The team of Omnis is very efficient in dealing with the current startups. The first step is to get adequate information about the problem in the startup and then our team will exert all the efforts to rectify the problem. We take detailed interviews with our customers to ascertain their wants. These interviews will help you and us to understand the customer’s demand.

    Determine what will be the techniques to achieve the goals

    The purpose of all these techniques and plans is to make success in the business. So, management of the targets is a crucial step. After this target setting, the team will work very hard to achieve success in the market. Thus, proper planning of the group of Omnis is the ultimate key to the success of the startup or the company. For the performance of the work plan on the real platform, there must be some good consultant that would help the team and the customer to choose the best option to bring maximum satisfaction. The team always include a genius consultant or mentor that will help the customers and the users to achieve the goals and aims in the startup.


    We always keep an eye on the market and on the user’s needs. If there are problems with the management or the planning of the group, then improvements in the plan will be made. Thus, the success of Omnis lies in the fact that the team is continuously trying to make it suitable for the parties involved.

    Fundraising consulting

    We also provide fundraising consulting. We are aware that the oppressed society needs financial support. So, for such kind of tasks, Omnis makes use of fundraising consulting. It is also the distinguishing feature of Omnis that make this startup consulting company different and unique from others.

    Improvement in the website and social media

    Omnis serves to improve the sites of the existing startups. Nowadays, technology has made many things more comfortable. If the startups are famous on social media, then it will be much easier for entrepreneurs to boost up their business. The presentation of the data is also a critical factor in this category. So, we take full care of every element regarding the success of your business.

    Period of the plan

    Omnis offers a program of five years for the existing startups. Our team will provide you with a full plan for the next five years. Undoubtedly, when you consider all the facts described by us, then it will be immensely more accessible for you to boost your startup.

    Transiting a physical store to an online store

    One of the passionate services we do is transiting a physical store that costs many expenses to the owner to an online store. This is done by building a detailed plan for the upcoming months, a transition of products from the physical stock to the digital world, and migrating customers to enjoy a better shopping experience than the offline area.

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