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Usability Studies

We assign users with tasks, and we encourage them to complete the tasks, while they are being noted by our researcher. The researchers keep an eye on the occurrence of the problems, and they suggest solutions to eliminate the problems. However, if the users experience similar problems during the usability studies phase—our team of researchers and experts will make suitable recommendations to overcome these recurring issues.


We prepare test tasks and scenarios for usability study purposes. Our team of experts devises probable tasks and scenarios, which would be tested in this phase. We plan the objectives of the study from the beginning, and we segregate it into various segments to fit the budget of the project. If any step looks unnecessary, we eliminate it to avoid any further complications.

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    How do we perform usability studies?

    1. We find participants for our study. We also encourage our team to work as participants for the study. 2. We run the session, and our group of researchers keeps track of the tasks performed by the participants of the study. They look out for any elements vital for the success of digital product development. 3. Once we have gathered sufficient variables for the study, we perform an elaborate testing session to test the feasibility of the outcomes. 4. We prepare comprehensive reports and we send the test results to the stockholders and other relevant parties. 5. Once, the stockholders have approved the outcomes of the usability study, we start working on the development of the product.

    Importance and Benefits of Usability Testing

    Usability testing is an introduction as an evaluation method, which is used for evaluating the feasibility of a website or a digital product. The tests or studies involve real users for measuring the usability or intuitiveness of a digital product. It also measures the easiness rate at which the users accomplish their goals.

    Benefits of Usability Testing

    There are several benefits of usability studies, for instance: 1. It garners direct feedback from the targeted audience on a project. 2. It sparks an internal discussion and debate, which is used for resolving the problems to see how the users would react to the difference in the opinions. 3. It helps a developer with highlighting problems and issues prior to the launch of a product, and it allows them to resolve the problems to avoid any glitch in the product. 4. It improves the chances of usage and repeats usage. 5. It decreases the risk of glitches and errors in a digital product.

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