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Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency Illustration of a team at Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency

User Experience

Our team has vast experience designing digital websites and applications, which allows us to deliver a smart user experience. We manage the process in this way: Wireframing, prototyping, and technical characterization follow each other. A UX agency can provide value to your users, and hence better results to your product. Contact us.

Why choose us as your user experience agency?

We research through ideas and provide every client with a complete product transformation that converts correctly. From our global experience working with various brands, our user experience standards are there to cater to better delivery of your product using more efficient methods that assure better productivity. We connect directly to your business goals, set KPIs, and create websites and applications that deliver results. Vast experience in UX planning strategy sets us as a user experience agency ready to redefine user’s feelings and comfort towards the application.

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    Wireframing remains the best way to visualize data structures and characterize UX/UI design features. As a UX design company, we use wireframing to ensure your visual structure and presentation of your brand's story on any application is instinctive and correlates with present user models and expectations for user experience design services. Omnis guarantees the right information would be accessible using the right approach, way, and place.
    • Creating screens along with the technical characterization
    • Creating elements per screen
    • Enabling effective communication between team members
    • Permitting for early testing of navigation, overall data structure, workflows


    Prototyping is the process of creating a working model of a future app or website. Clients need to see the application running before the final implementation. Prototyping is worth more than several meetings. Let us deliver a prototype test that will help you save a lot of energy before launching expensive operations.
    • Preliminary requirements
    • Prototype design
    • User experiences/prototype use.

    Technical characterization

    Based on set goals, we offer technical characterization as part of our process. Omnis will help you to launch the right designs and user-testing sessions. We aid clients in selecting what works the most and suitable for your target market.
    • Transforming data into actionable design developments
    • Performing detailed analysis
    • Each element is characterized to make sure the client has a place for his content
    • We describe the user experience from both sides
      • What and how a user will be effected from the planned website/application
      • How easily the site manager would control his content management system

    What does UX design intend to solve?

    User Experience implies a user interaction with an application or product. Creating or making UX design suggests the approach is taken in defining the technique a product works and how it solves a user’s demands. An excellent UX design is clear, deliberate, elaborate, and user-friendly. A good UX design makes navigation easy, even for new visitors. An effective UX design should provide ease in doing basic operations and effortlessly guides a user through, no matter the platform. UX is not only about creating and positioning various block layouts, but it is also more about creating a better interface between the user and the product.

    How is the process going to work?

    We intend to create user experience design products focused on winning more clients for your products in accordance to design principles and wireframing. We would:
    • Create a document with needs, pages, elements, features
    • Agree on and design a concept, based on the branding. Having the concept approved, we move on to design each page
    • Create mockups for each page
    • Specify each function and its meaning
    • Prepare reports for developers containing every information about developing the site or the application
    • Once all the pages are approved, we create a technical document that aligns expectations between the customer and us

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