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An end to end solution - from improving the conversion rate (UX) to managing a digital marketing campaign Wear & Hear is the brand name for a line of concept, future-forward wearable audio devices that are being developed by Alango Technologies, a leading supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication and entertainment markets. Check the website.

The challenge

We were called to increase the eCommerce site's conversion rate; it was suffering too many users with no buyers.

The solution

Preliminary research was first done to learn what users like, what kind of content hierarchy and visuals they prefer, and what management's expectations are. Then we redesigned the UI elements so that they matched the user requirements. Next, we integrated digital marketing to drive traffic to the website and its product pages.

Data from the beginning of the project (30-day summary):

Make a payment goal – 58 purchases
Add to cart goal – 222 products have been added
Newsletter signups – 130
WhatsApp / Messenger chats – 56

What did we do?

Preliminary research
This stage focused on collecting some knowledge about the market, the customers and users, and the client's needs. The following topics were researched:
Customer's needs – per market, product, language, etc.
What is the primary goal of the website's users
Market trends

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The text, photos, videos, and callouts encouraging conversions have been retouched to highlight the refreshed UI elements. We arrange the absolute necessities for users at the outset of the page.
We implemented a sticky add to cart widget so the user won't miss a thing.
Our checkout interface is now user-friendly.

Drive more traffic when your site is user-friendly

Once we ensured that the users' needs are met, we can begin the digital marketing process. The digital marketing manager has been recruited for the project so that the website can be more accessible for relevant users. We adjusted the visuals, the content strategy, the article's body text, and so on. All these changes have been done on the basis of market research to find out what we can do to make users of the website happier.

What were the results following the changes?

Make a payment goal: 77 purchases ➝ +32.76%
Add to cart goal: 286 products have been added ➝ +28.83%
Newsletter signups: 160 ➝ +23.08%
WhatsApp / Messenger chats: 76 ➝ +36%

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