3 projects in digital strategy and start-ups consulting that succeeded

Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency strives to become an innovative hub for UX/UI design services, and the agency has extended its services to providing digital strategy and consulting services to its broad range of clients. Startup businesses are in dire need of consulting services, and they need the expertise of a full-service UX / UI & Web development agency to help them scour their place in a market. They need the guidance of a professional consultant that would guide them in managing the direction of their startup businesses. Omnis UX / UI & Web development agency takes immense pride in its client’s base, and it utilizes consulting services in combination with UX/UI design services to fulfill the business goals of its clients. The following a compilation of case studies of the project that we worked on to assist our clients with their consulting needs.

Case#1: Easy2Give Project

The main objective of the project was to create a CRM service that catered to the business-to-business needs of banquet hall owners. We started the consulting process by interviewing the management of the business, and we conducted a brief interview with the prospective users of the service. One of the challenges that occurred to us was based on the type of users who would be responsible for using the system. We wanted to familiarize ourselves with the objectives of Easy2Give management’s role in achieving the new CRM. We derived several conclusions from initiating the product characterization stage. Furthermore, we proceeded with the objectives of the project by characterizing complex integrations by employing the use of high-end UX. We conducted comprehensive research that enabled us to have better conclusions, and we were fixated on uniting different systems without changing or interchanging the user-experience. As a conclusion to the project, we were able to garner favorable outcomes that catered to Easy2Give with developing new systems.

Case#2: Init Project

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We were assigned to build a digital strategy for Init, a company that is offering a web-solution to the problems of its users. The main objective of the company is to stand out from its competitors and businesses providing similar services; therefore, we were adamant about understanding the complex needs of the client for creating a profitable and feasible project. As the initial stage of the project, we focused on building a stable and reliable digital strategy that meticulously reflected on the need for preparing a research document along with consultation services. We acknowledged the unique needs and pain points of the project to proceed further. However, the main challenge of the project was based on having a unique structure, so we proceeded with creating a unique UX design that focused on providing an exceptional user-experience to the user. Furthermore, we assimilated the content into microcopy, and we dictated objectives that reflected on the business goals of the company. We were able to brainstorm the objectives and come up with a resolution to solve the challenge, and we would continue to upgrade the platform for our clients if needed. We utilized an agile method to complete the objectives of the project. Init project page

Case#3: Shani Yaakov

Shani Yaakov, a home stylist, assigned us to work on a branding project for her website. She regards Scandinavian Design as the niche of her business, and we took care of branding her website for her. To be specific, we worked on creating a logo, stationery, digital branding, and creating a business card for her. Shani was generous enough to provide us with the relevant references for the logo style that she had envisioned for her brand. We considered her requirement, but, we also presented our composition, and we decided on using a Monstera leaf and embedded her name and title in a handwritten format. Shani was pleased with the sketches, and she picked the top three compositions that met her requirements the best. Moreover, we used a cursive typeface for refining the selection process of the project. Through trial and error methods, we were able to create a sketch that perfectly resonated with the needs and requirements of the client. The client was immensely pleased with the outcomes of the project, and we cannot wait to see what we bring next to the table. Shani Yaakov project page


Three projects that we are so happy to have taken part in. We are even happier that our customers, whom we've been selected to be their digital partners, were pleased with the results and the project.


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