How to create a customer acquisition mechanism?


If you are new to the business and want to grow yours meaningfully, you must have information about the customer acquisition mechanism and search what channel works best for your company. The acquisition channel that your friend is using successfully might not be a good option for you, so explore well before choosing your channel. Before we go deep into details, let us talk about the two types of leads in customer acquisition. This process should be based on a digital marketing strategy.

  • Lead generation
  • Lead acquisition


Lead generation:

Lead generation is a simple process. By using lead generation, you can change your site visitors into the ‘raw leads.’ Lead generation urges people to sign up and fill the form by giving their simple information like name, address, mobile number, job designation, etc. They can also be called web leads or the internet leads. In lead generation, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that fill out a lead.

Lead acquisition:

The lead acquisition is a more complicated process than lead generation. It helps the admin to change lead generations into qualified leads. In lead acquisition, people do not just fill the form and submit their information but also make a purchase or buy a product. Lead acquisition always happens after you get lead generations. In lead acquisition, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that convert into the customers.

What are the steps you should follow to generate leads?

As a successful digital marketing expert, you should know about what steps you can follow to generate more leads and help to grow your business.

    • Know about your audience

The first and foremost step to generate leads is to get to know your target audience. Find out what they like, dislike, what makes them happy, what they want to hear about and so on. You must check what type of things or content they love and what they demand from you. If your website content is not appealing to the audience, you can never get the desired leads. Research well before writing the content for your site. This research should include the name, age, gender, location, profession and income of each person.


    • Content type:

The type of content you are producing to attract traffic is most valuable. Each type of content has its ranking. Always look for what kind of content your audience wants to see. You can add blog posts, social media posts, infographics in blogs, which helps to attract traffic, photos and videos, which are also a valuable tool in generating leads.
Moreover, you can offer your audience free eBooks if you are running some education site, or if you have an e-commerce business, you can offer deals, discounts, and promotions since people are usually more interested in free stuff. Besides, you can give free trials regarding your software or content. Offering mini-courses for people learning is also a great tool to generate leads.


    • Use of appropriate channel:

As we discussed earlier, acquisition channels play a crucial part in generating leads for a business. The content has been decided, and now you have to select the best channel. If you hire some digital agency to fulfill your business goals, they will help you in choosing the right channel. Various channels are out there that one can use to share web content with their audience. You can choose between Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and many more. You can consider Google AdSense, social media ads and banner ads for your site.

By knowing your audience, preparing interesting content and distributing in relevant channels, your digital asset is going to be boosted


    • The frequency of publishing content:

The other important factor that helps in generating leads is the use of proper timing and quantity you will publish your content. It would help if you planned how many posts you will like to post per week. What is the best time to distribute content? When your audience is most active? Once you are done with creating your roadmap, you will be able to go with the flow.


    • Pop-ups:

Pop-ups also have a significant impact on building more generation leads. You can create ads popups in the sidebar of your webpage; you can generate a popup when a user scrolls down through your page, or you can use the slide-in popups to make it attractive. This is also an extraordinary marketing tool to attract visitors to take action and submit the form by adding their necessary information to promote some features, offers, newsletter, etc.


    • Call to action buttons:

Include a call to action buttons at the top of the page to facilitate visitors to contact you in anytime. It must comprise a simple procedure so people can fill it quickly without any hassle.


What are the steps you should follow to acquire leads?:

Follow these steps to maintain lead acquisition.

    • Invite new active users and ask them to review:

New active users will help existing users to take actions and buy your services or products through their actions and reviews. With the increase in the number of buyers of your products and services, your marketing cost will decrease. This will prove to be a huge favor to your business.


    • Stay connected with your customers:

Being attentive to your customers is essential; otherwise, people take no time to forget about you. There must be an effective and strong connection between the customer and a businessperson. To make your generation leads to lead acquisition is to send the latest updates and news about new features to your potential customers. Make sure that they are updated about your recent products, blog posts, services, and other things. Make a query section or a group where all can ask a question about their problems, and you will answer to satisfy them.


lead image inside

    • Follow-up:

Follow up is necessary to remain in people’s heart and mind. Never forgot about your customers and made a list that consists of their information for your convenience. Email, instant messages or the social media platform is a great tool to reach your audience once or twice a week. Talk to them about what they want, what the like, how they are doing etc. Send them best wishes on public days and events. You can use an email strategy to reach out to each customer personally by sending them emails to their email accounts. By using social media, you can talk about customer’s problems and provide the best solutions for them. Potential customers are not always interested in knowing about your business.


    • Organise events:

To satisfy acquisition leads, you can organize events. If you are not able to make up to these events by yourself, you can leave a video message to the customers, or you can hire some volunteers to meet on behalf of you.


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