All you want to know about rebranding and how it can affect your business

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We’ve been watching and hearing a lot about the importance of branding and having a solid digital presence, but today we are here to talk about another extremely important matter, and that’s “rebranding”. Probably the reason why you’ve landed on this article is that you want to know whether it’s important to rebrand your business or not, and honestly, the only answer you are going to get here and everywhere else is a definite “yes”.

Rebranding & Why your business needs it

The literal meaning of rebranding is to create a new corporate image for an existing business or a company, and if you try to dig some more about it, then rebranding is basically a strategy that helps in creating a new vision and image for your brand among your audience.
  • You see, the success of every business lies in the fact that the brand and the brand's identity must be aligned closely, and if you have ever seen that the alignment is now no longer in position then know that it’s time to rebrand.
  • Changing what your customers think about you and how they see you are undoubtedly one daunting task, but almost every company will sooner or later see itself recreating its image among people because that’s important.

When to rebrand?

In a nutshell, the right time to rebrand is when you see your brand suffering from an identity crisis or if you think that the mission of your company has changed or if you are about to launch a new product line, etc. If so, then rebranding is what you need to opt for. Here’s what more you need to know about it:
  • Rebrand when you don’t stand out to your competitors There are going to be so many other companies and businesses offering the same products and services as you do. And the worst part is that your competitor might be doing better than you mainly because you both share the same name. Yes, you read it right, and there’s absolutely no shock in the fact that your competitor copied your brand name and that’s why your customers are getting rerouted to that brand and other websites just because they aren’t sure of the original one.
  • Rebrand when you are attracting the wrong customers Do most of your customers expect you to charge incredibly low rates for your products and services? Well, if so then know that it’s time to rebrand and recreate the message of your company because you are actually getting the wrong customers. You need to build a new image of your company among your clientele so that they know that you are charging them the exact same amount that you should.
  • Rebrand when your brand is too generic If your brand is generic, you don’t stand a chance to grow because “generic” is not what people want in the first place. Your audience wants you to be extraordinary in every aspect, from your logo to your brand name to your services, everything counts a lot. So, if you see that a lot of people are doing what you do and if the market out there is full of your competitors, then it’s high time to get unique and rebrand your business.
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    Examples of rebranding services done right

    • Old Spice The brand “Old Spice” was always considered as one of the brands that were supposed to be in use by the older generations and elderly people. In short, it was becoming a stagnant and uninteresting brand. But then the company came out with an advertisement featuring Isaiah Mustafa. The ad was quite strange, funny, and sexy but it ended up creating a youthful and “something fun” image about the brand which proved to be a huge success. This rebranding effort by Old Spice helped people of a new demographic to access this fantastic traditional brand.
    • Apple How can we not mention the world's famous brand when it comes to the topic of rebranding. If you make some research on Apple, you’ll come to know that it wasn’t always a successful brand and from the early to the mid-1990s, Apple was suffering from a “low sales” and “low customer interest” phase. But then by the year 1997, Steve Jobs took control of the company, and he started providing exactly what people were expecting from this brand. Apple was able to attract new customers and turn into a big brand with the help of a series of marketing strategies, some real-time efforts of rebranding with an image of modernity and minimalism. Right now, we all can see where Apple stands, and we can say it unarguably that it’s all due to rebranding.

    How to rebrand a startup or a digital product

    If it’s a startup, the first thing you need to do is to put all your focus on branding your business. From your logo to your company name to your marketing strategies and even the ways to reach out to your audience, you’ll have to take notice of each and every component for your startup to be successful. However, if you want to add a new digital product to your existing brand and if you feel like your brand is no longer conveying the message it should to your audience, then you need to opt for rebranding. The question of the hour is how exactly are you supposed to start rebranding and what measures do you need to take in the first place. Well, for starters, if you aren’t a big brand, then you should do all the rebranding yourself, starting from changing your logo and then changing the name of your brand (if you feel the need to).

    Rebranding at Omnis

    Now, if you as a brand are looking forward to rebranding your business in the best possible way, then Omnis is the company you need to opt for. From building an extraordinary brand strategy to providing the best product management services, we'll cover it all for you. You see, rebranding is all about understanding what your customers want from you in the first place. Firstly, to understand what your business goals are to drive more and more customers. Then, from talking to the end-users to analyzing your competitors and see what you lack. Want to do this with us? Let's talk!


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