As is the case with many of our clients, BioForum came to us following a positive recommendation. The distance between the first phone call and the beginning of the work process was very short. Our client, which deals in the clinical area (pharmaceutical, medical, clinical information management, etc), needed an attractive, clean, and well-designed site that identifies the company as a leader in that field, even though it had been one for years.


The challenge

Being a company comprising many departments, there were many dominant factors to be considered during the process. Having BioForum finally follow our recommendations and trust us with their eyes closed during the process, following the data-based arguments presented to them, gave us great joy.


The solution

In this project, we conducted interviews with users, who contributed greatly to our knowledge of the company's departments and divisions, and to learning the correct characterization of the company. Having in mind the way the company is supposed to be perceived in the world, we created a website with a unique, different look, which contains quite a few special animations that contribute to the company's brand.


Using modern and relevant design

The company as a brand has been around for quite a few years, but only in the last year has decided to make extensive image changes, one of which is on the website to which the company refers its customers and interested parties. We had to create a more innovative, enthusiastic, young, relevant, and colorful brand. The end result has definitely achieved this goal.


Implementing the project correctly

One of the things that were important to us in the project, is to accurately integrate all the things we did in Omnis' studio whether it's elements, icons, backgrounds, and animations. Our main goal was that the company will indeed reach the place they were aiming for, both in terms of design and image. In 2022 the site went live successfully, and the customer reports to us that the conversion rate has improved significantly compared to the results of the old site.


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