Chutzlaaretz is a project that connects a relatively young target audience (after the army, students, etc.) and employers overseas. We received the Hutzlartz project from a collaboration with the Purple company, with whom we partnered. Purple provided a point of view regarding the marketing side and we brought our side to the user experience.

The challenge

The venture is relatively new, so there have not yet been enough attempts at first impressions from incoming users. The company came to us when it suffered from a low conversion rate, the number of resume submitters versus the number of vacancies was very low.

The solution

We conducted a number of interviews with users and management and researched the existing product in Google Analytics, and Hotger, in order to understand the points of failure that users are currently experiencing when they enter the site of Hutzlartz. After understanding all the failure points, we changed the registration process and made adjustments to the site components.



Analysis of the existing situation

We went through all the analytical tools plus feedback we received from the project management, from the marketing factor that currently manages the company's campaigns, from user interviews, and of course from our own knowledge and experience. We gathered all of these into one long presentation, which touched on each of the detailed aspects and explained the points of failure and the importance of handling them, in order to improve the conversion ratio.

Friendly registration process

Based on the insights and findings of the research, we decided that there was room for a dramatic improvement in the registration process, in order to increase conversions. We have shortened and grouped steps in the process. We left the necessary parts of the registration at the beginning, and what was less critical was moved to the final stage, just before the submission. The new process is friendly and convenient.

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Design of the improvements in order to create change

We performed a brainstorming session with the client and came up with a list of features, which require immediate attention. In addition, we divided the project into several parts, in order to really make as much impact as possible in a short period of time. We redesigned the same components and presented them to the management, to ensure they actually corresponded to the client's needs. The project covered both the re-registration process design and the employers' perspective.

Examining the data once again

These days the new features are up and running and we as a data-driven company have compiled and labeled the features we have improved so that we can perform another data analysis when all the features go live.

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