Teva API

Trusted to manage the sensitive API website for Teva, a pharma giant

Teva API is a leading international supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Its broadest portfolio contains more than 400 products. View the website.

The challenge

Being in charge of one of the largest and most important websites in the pharmaceutical world is a big responsibility. Also, a catalog combining hundreds of products with complicated integrations made the website quite a challenge.

The solution

We created a technological characterization that was quite specific and included a lot of details. We designed a suitable code architecture for the challenge and conducted a very aggressive QA, which made the website go live quietly.


Website development

A carefully crafted technological characterization

When a new website requires mainly development, we are very sensitive to how the product should be coded. That’s why we bring all of the essential people into the room—Teva’s stakeholders, SEO manager, CTO, project manager, and other relevant individuals help make sure the website gets the appropriate attitude.

Web development using Agile sprints

When creating websites, one of the most important methods we use is the Agile development model. Sprints are a way to present the results to the customers and get feedback before moving to the quality assurance stage.

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On the launch day, we were accompanying the customer.

We deployed everything to Teva's central server to ensure that everything worked correctly before the DNS is going to be changed. After the testification, everything was uploaded to the main domain, and all functions were verified as functioning as intended.

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