Electra Air

An innovative system that connects the air conditioner installers and technicians, and the end customers

The Electra company is undoubtedly one of the best-known and largest companies in the Israeli economy. There is hardly a house in Israel where you won't find an Electra product, which makes it a body of enormous importance to the local market. In our case, we were privileged to work specifically with the company's air conditioning division, "Electra Air".


The challenge

We encountered a system with many functions, which must have a high uptime, in a prolonged manner, for a long time. The system must be available and stable, with clean code that can run very quickly, because a lot of information is stored in it. We had to act so that the system would work quickly and be easy to operate for all of its users.


The solution

We used a programming language called PHP. The use of the design is minimal so that the system is free of unnecessary elements and additions, all this in order to create a response as fast as possible in front of the server. In this case, there was no need to create a particularly colorful user experience, on the contrary, it was important to maintain a clean and simple language, which is why we chose this solution.



System development
System maintenance


Check the system requirements

It was of fundamental importance to characterize the needs of the system, we received it after it went live and it was important to understand which critical things were not working well, to troubleshoot and try as much as possible to minimize damages that naturally arise with the launch of a new system. We provided support at a very high level, we maintained the system and this is how we reached a situation where Electra remains LIVE with a system as clean as possible from malfunctions.


Update your server side setup and take it to the next level.

At a certain stage of the joint work with Electra on the system, after we had created a solid and comfortable basis for work, we came to the conclusion that we must transfer the entire system to another, much better server. This process allowed us to continue to develop, and the pace of work became faster and technically much more stable. It's a project that took us a few weeks, and it, like the whole work, was not very simple, with a lot of hands involved. But after a few weeks we were able to get the system to function in a much improved way.


How do you make the system the next hot thing in the world of air conditioning?

The system itself still does not reach its full potential, but this fact does not stop the development and upgrading of the system at all. We see this as a supreme goal, and together with the customer we think of new features that will bring the most "Value" to the system. We are constantly trying to understand in a joint way how to increase the conversions within the system, how to strengthen the communication between the installers and the technicians and the customers, and are working on the maximum connection of landing pages and campaigns to the system. Here we experience a particularly efficient work process with an important and respected client, and consider this a huge honor. There is a great responsibility on our part for the operation of the system, and we place extensive emphasis on this.


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