This is a very large project that serves the entire organization including the customers, drivers, prospects, and company executives. This is a process of digital transformation, which we were privileged to perform for MLRN using interfaces, which did not exist until 2021 and as mentioned, have mostly been applied digitally and automatically.


The challenge

There are two types of audiences that have not previously worked with digital platforms. Therefore, their consumer behavior required a re-education of the market, in terms of user experience and teaching them how to conduct themselves digitally. The challenge was to bring progress and digitalization to an audience that was accustomed to manual work with notebooks and notes.


The solution

First, we conducted several stages of interviews, which included interviews with the management level in order to understand the existing market pains, and from there we moved on to interviews with customers, to understand how the digital tools will solve those same pains for them. We then proceeded to characterize UX in each interface, with the emphasis to meet the needs of each audience (customers, prospects, drivers, and managers).


Creating a digital interface customized for each audience

We placed a very broad emphasis on the whole issue of understanding the market, as well as the audience, through conversations and interviews with the management team, employees, customers, and suppliers. The entire process took more than a month and a half, during which we went into the depths of the existing pain points for each of the interfaces. It was important for us to understand what they would expect to receive at the interface level so that the end result would help promote them significantly in the industry.


Receiving validation from users

Based on the results of the research we conducted, we understood which pages are needed in every interface for each audience, as well as which features are important and need to be emphasized. From there we designed an interface and user experience, by creating a design concept for each interface individually, whether in terms of color or graphic language. At the end of each stage, we presented the interim results to the company's management and to potential users, to get quick and quality feedback.


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Streaming data

One of the most crucial things was to create a clear and significant distinction between a CRM information system that manages all customer information, purchases, orders, invoices, and more and the internet interfaces, which display important and relevant data per entity. For example, data of the company customer, are not the same data that will be revealed for a potential customer of the company.


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