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The innovative crypto currency

Gsafe is a fully-patented, secured, impossible to penetrate digital wallet that provides insurance policies in order to encourage usage of this profitable currency.

the challenge

To plan an app that will radiate confidence on the targeted users, since there is a problem of loss and theft in digital wallet world as well as information leaking to external sources. Also, to publicize its main value: loyalty points per transaction.

the solution

We designed a new type of app with a special micro-copy to express its safety, in addition, the loyalty points widget was implemented with a very unique way - so that users can know about businesses that accept the currency.

Research and wireframing

It's very important for the user to know the process of buying and selling a coin, so we made a deep research in order to facilitate this process by wireframing quick buy and sell options, together with safety messages to the user that would make him to feel confident. We added a cool Loyalty Points widget that notifies about the most important data per transaction. Any user can view notifications, how many transactions he made, his balance account per currency, etc.

full-stack Crypto Currency app DESIGN

There were some key points in this project to make it successful. One of them was how to design app screens with a big amount of data woudln’t overwhelm the user. Our solution included the most important elements per page, while working with colors, illustrations and animations.


We're happy that any user can get a fast glance of his current balance status - our customer delivered the next message to us: "You've planned an intuitive and easy to use app", and we say: "We expected this kind of feedback" :)

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