Iconix, a professional cosmetics company based on biotechnology science, approached us to develop the design they created, which required multiple integrations. In addition, they wanted some assistance in expanding the company`s target audience.

The Challenge

The level of the design received from the customer was at a very high level. We had to come up with high-level finishes that will represent the industry accordingly. In addition, the project encompasses a considerable amount of interfaces for payment methods, shipping companies, CRM, and more. The above-mentioned integrations made the project somewhat technologically challenging.

The Solution

Meticulous technological characterization that touches on all layers of the project. We created a direct dialogue with the companies with which we had to interface, without involving the customer. The rationale behind that was to create a professional technological interchange in order to pinpoint all of the development stages that will come after the initial phase.

Work Content

Technological characterization
Client-side web development
Server-side web development

Understanding The Technological Aspects Of The Project

Before writing the code, we first had to characterize the needs of our customer as well as the requirements of his target audience. This was a crucial step in understanding what technical aspects would result in the ease of use of the future website and system.
We documented the various models that were required to assemble the project, as well as the numerous integrations, which allowed us to reach the stage of technological characterization with the exact set of requirements.

In-Depth Characterization Including Client-Side Web Development

We sat down with the client and characterized the most convenient way for him to edit, as well as the right approach to connect with the companies with which we had to interface. In addition, we characterized the various behaviors of the website users, including colors, animations, mouse transitions, transitions between pages, behaviors in the online shopping cart, and much more.
As soon as the customer characterization received the final approval, we began with the client-side web development in order to create as many pages as possible, accurately programmed according to the desired design. This way, the server-side programmers had a minimum workload in dealing with the design aspects.

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