Introducing a shift scheduling rising star

The Scouter schedule system by Meckano was designed to provide a holistic HR solution for managing work hours and shift scheduling. The direct link between these spheres gives managers an immense advantage from the business’s strategic and operational aspect. We were hired to design and build their corporate website.

the challenge

Scouter wanted a modern, inviting, website that will stand out from the rest in a sea of related products' websites. We needed to create an eye-catching design and a simple layout that will highlight the product's added values.

the solution

Using the logo and the system's colors, we created a color palette for the website. We used modern illustrations, shapes and icons, all of which work together seamlessly in creating a cosy and nice look-and-feel.


Web Development

Learning the Whats, the Whys and the Hows

We began our process with stakeholder interviews to get to know the market, the product and the client's business goals. From there we moved on to competitive analysis, so we see what's good and what's not, and how our client can feature their product's added values.

Setting the right mood

Armed with conclusions and ideas, we delved into UX and UI. We set a modern, bright and fun, yet professional tone for the website's design. Colorful illustrations, bold graphic shapes and great copy — all helped to set a cosy feeling when using the website.

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Learn from your users

The website's goal is to collect B2B leads. A well-crafted user experience with the right call-to-actions and an easy-on-the-eye user interface sure helps to meet this goal. First feedback from users has been positive in general, and we've already made some usability adjustments according to it.

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