A Friendly Flexible Loans App

MY is the digital entity of Mimun Yashir, the largest consumer credit company in Israel. It gives you the economic breathing space necessary to fulfill your dreams, with a flexible loan, which means you control the payment settings and can change them in any time. We had the honor of working on a project of a company at this scale.

The challenge

Taking loans is always an intimidating process, especially online. We needed to reinvent this app as a more inviting and less alienated product.

The solution

Designing the application UI, thus making it more accessible, friendly, unmediated - essential when taking loans. UX planning was done by ‘Halions’.


App UI Design
Preparation for development


The initial idea was to emphasize to the user the most recurring actions, with easy access to additional products. We tried out several approaches, for the UI design, playful bright colors, but still distinguished for a financial app.

Different Approach

We continued exploring different user interface approaches, and tried to make it less Material Design. We discarded the “card” background and used hero images instead.

back to the drawing board

At this point the client wanted to refine the some screens, both UI design and UX design. Again, the stress was to hand the financial information to the user in a way that is less formal and boring, but more friendly and personal.

final iteration

UI recreated from scratch, we got to the final app design. Some of the processes have been changed, as well as the user flows. We got to the stage where we feel the app is ripe and ready to be developed.


We are happy with the final results. Complicated timelines and complex project have forged a successful product. We’ve been through a very long and challenging process, and it’s great to get to the point where we see the app at the stores, with so many active users.

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December, 2017

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 3 UX/UI Designers


June, 2018