Shorto discovered the existence of severe sales problems among mortgage advisers in Israel. These problems are mainly due to the overly complicated process of producing numerous reports for the end customer. Therefore, we have designed and developed a website and system, which allow us to incorporate all the information into one simple report. Through a number of fields filled in by the consultant, he or she can get a brief synopsis of the end customer and thus shorten the whole sales process.

The challenge

The mortgage market has not yet undergone a digital transformation, hence we had no experience with competitors or other companies in the field and we had to learn the field from scratch and apply it technologically.

The Solution

We have created an MVP (Minimal Viable Product - has just enough features to prove business feasibility by meeting the needs of early customers, who can then provide feedback on the future development of the product) to illustrate the idea which has been initially tried by the target audience of mortgage advisers. Thus, we concluded that there is an actual demand in the field for such a system.


Web Development
Quality Assurance
System Integration

Learning the Field from the Top

In Israel, the mortgage sector, particularly the mortgage advisers market, is not sufficiently developed technologically and digitally. Therefore, we had to perform an in-depth analysis of the market, become acquainted with the audience of mortgage advisers, clearly understand what it is going after, and ultimately determine whether Shorto`s idea is applicable.

Creating Digital and Technological Feasibility for a Project (POC)

After confirming the project’s feasibility, we created a digital program that combines the complex website and system characterization with user experience design. We decided to proceed with a straightforward model because the mortgage adviser sector is known for not being technologically savvy to begin with.

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Developing Complex System Integration that Consolidates Multiple Organisations

In order to assemble the product, we had to technologically link a number of institutions in Israel, including Dun&Bradstreet. Our goal was to get a sufficient amount of information per client and create a very concise and clear set-up for each consultant. These considerations are critical to creating a readable and simple report for the advisor, which allows him to give the relevant mortgage information to his end client within a few seconds.

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