Poker 111 is the only place on the internet where every poker player can make a professional career. They are willing to pay top dollar to talented players who can prove they’ve got what it takes to win. Here’s what they bring to the table: a monthly salary, a poker sponsorship program that's designed to help the players, exclusive rewards & performance-based bonuses, coverage of all tournament expenses including your stay in 5-star hotels.

The challenge

The main challenge in designing this site was to create an attractive digital asset that would be accessible to poker players and inspire them to sign up for the proposed program.

The solution

We learned about the professional poker players, which website and mobile elements would work better for them, characterized and designed a site that fits this specific target audience.

Management interviews make the change from a regular to a converting site

Like every website we make, we interviewed the management members to understand the business needs and what they want to achieve by constructing this site. We drew conclusions that helped us in the UX stage.

Building an information hierarchy that will be accessible to the user

Since this website is going to be developed with SEO processes and contain a mass of content, it was essential for us to create an eye-candy design that will attract the users while not being messy. UX'ing page after page, element after element, helped us with this challenge.

Outcome: Up-to-Date B2C Website

It was very challenging to execute a site with such a great user experience. At the end of the day, what drives us as an agency is focusing on the user experience and answering the website's business goals - that's precisely what we did in planning and executing this project.

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January, 2019

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UX/UI Designer

  • 1 WordPress Developer

  • 1 QA Engineer


August, 2019