This complicated technological challenge included featuring thousands of animations per second, as well as creating a technological infrastructure that can accommodate tens of thousands of users across the site in any given period of time and maintaining optimal levels of user experience. All this has been done, in order to allow the "Teva" business customers to easily log into the website, and enjoy a product whose main purpose is to replace the pavilions at the frontal conferences.

The Challenge

• Addressing a number of issues during the project
• Creation of a server infrastructure to support multi-data and operations
• Establishing an infrastructure with Salesforce integrations to have a single database
• Forming a user system

In just a few weeks, all of these challenges made the project extremely stressful and intense for the team members, so much so that they had to continuously work for several nights in a row.

The Solution

Writing an in-depth technological characterization that reviews all the technological issues. In addition, five different staff members were assigned to this project in order to create a parallel workflow between the different parts of the project.

This way we made sure that every aspect of the project is taken care of, including client-side development, server-side development, quality control, project management, and product management.

Work Content

Technological characterization
Client-side web development
Server-side web development

Digital-Only Marketing Conferences

In the second half of 2020, Teva approached us wishing to implement the idea of creating an experiential website, which would replace the usual face-to-face marketing conferences.

Teva has dozens of conferences a year, in Israel and worldwide, hence the need to set up a website that will be able to complete the same transactions that would normally be carried out at those conferences.

Early Feedback On The Development & Formulation Of An Efficient Technological Solution

At the early stage of design, we were there for "Teva", in order to properly plan the technological pipelines through which all the data and information will flow.

We assisted Teva in deciding which server-side architecture will serve their best interest, overcoming regulatory hurdles, mastering information security obstacles, and taming technological difficulties in a short period of time.

This early planning, as well as Omnis’s teamwork with Teva, created an optimal starting point for the project.

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