User experience metrics to measure to get better results from your site/app

The following article will provide you with the metrics you need to measure to improve your app or site, looking from the UX perspective. Read on and try them!

What is a KPI?

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, are metrics that are quantifiable and help organizations define and track progress toward achieving the company's business goals. User experience metrics are different from sales, marketing, or financial metrics for the simple reason that they track human behavior. UX KPIs provide great insights into the gravity of usability issues that exist on your site or app. Learn more: How to set values for KPIs?

Index #1 - Task Success Rate

This is the percentage of tasks completed correctly by the users in your interface. For that matter, we want to measure the ratio of users who have filled out the registration form on the site successfully; or in the case of users to whom we have set the task of buying a specific product, how many users fully understood how to buy it and performed the purchase successfully. This KPI does not say why users dropped out, it just means that some of them have. Now we need to understand why they have and what they lack to complete the task as they imagined they would.

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    Index #2 - Time on Task

    This metric measures the amount of time it took the user to complete the task, in seconds or minutes. You can measure the average and understand how long it took for our users to register or to buy a product. If the time is too long, then something in the process needs to be improved, the sooner the better. The less time spent by the user on a task, the better the user experience in our interface is!

    Index #3 - User satisfaction with our interface

    This metric cannot be calculated by analyzing data from sources such as Google Analytics, for example. It should be based on a user survey. We must prepare a set of specific questions that survey how users use the site. We need to conduct a so-called Usability Testing - a survey/questionnaire that elaborates on different aspects of our interface's usage and its quality level. A sample question would be "what works for you in the contact form and what doesn't?" or "do you understand what you need to fill out in each field in the form?"

    Index #4 - Percentage of navigation usage versus search

    We want to know, for example, on an eCommerce site, how a potential user has found and bought a particular product. Is it by going to the main category, then a sub-category, then a product page, and then a checkout process? Perhaps it was by searching directly for the product's name and then buying it. We want to understand how clear our information architecture is and what do our users find more useful: is it using navigation and menus, or a simple or advanced search?


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