AIO Systems

AIO Systems specializes in the development and design of unique command and control solutions for sites from afar. The company has developed a system that fully administers control rooms and can digitally manage remote sites. Our goal was to raise the company’s brand and design quality and create an improved image that will set it apart from its competitors.

The Challenge

The company's target market is a very small and specific one, so the challenge was to pinpoint the messages and designs on the website in order to attract the relevant audience. It was not an easy task to accomplish; the project was conducted on very short schedules, due to the numerous conferences and company events, during which the new website we developed was presented.

The Solution

We conducted thorough research that included precise target customer characterization, as well as testing procedures, to indicate what would work to attract the right audience. In addition, we hired no less than 8 designers at a time to work in parallel, and implemented very aggressive quality control. As a result, the customer was extremely satisfied and the website was launched speedily and on time.


Web Development
Quality Assurance

Understanding the Problem and Implementing Focused Marketing Strategy

Due to the diversity of elements and technologies that the company deals with and the myriad of challenges the company has to face, we had to create a sufficiently informative website, and precise marketing strategy, targeting potential customers.

So What Did We Do? Digital Translation

We have created a very graphic and illustrated visual on the home page, which showcases all the elements on the AIO website and presents in a digital, creative and clear way how information is conveyed from one element to another.

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Multiple Staff Members, Short-Term Schedule

The project was very challenging in terms of schedules and the amount of sketches required for the website. Consequently, we recruited no less than 8 designers and 3 developers, which facilitated the process of the website creation within the shortest period of time and at the highest level.

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