Hybrid identity environment protection from cyber-attacks and catastrophes

Semperis is a company that detects identity breaches and recover from any Active Directory disaster. We've been called to rebuild their website due to technical and performance issues they suffered from.

The challenge

A complex website that includes many design templates in addition to complex integrations with their form systems. The main goal was to improve site speed, performance, usability, and more.

The solution

Identifying the main components of the website and creating a new site structure. Additionally, we removed DB-spaned elements from the source code, rewrote the CSS, and turned off all plugins for clean code.


Technological characterization
Product & Project management
Web development

First phase - Understanding the pain points

The site had over 20 plugins active at once, affecting the site’s performance & database. The CSS code was mostly irrelevant or duplicate. Fixing bugs and creating new features was challenging. That's why we built the site from scratch.

Back to the operating table, and creating a new technological characterization

Semperis' management accepted our recommendation to rebuild the website from scratch, so we started planning the new site from a technical standpoint. DB and code structures were developed to address users' pain points.

Need Development?

What did we do to make it better?

We built a new website that runs faster and is more accessible for the admin; users can access pages without a long waiting period by using excellent technological planning and understanding our customers' pains and transparency regarding the solutions we proposed.


When it comes to picking up one thing, we choose the plan and development management that managed smoothly, enabling our company to transit our customers from an unhappy place to a place of satisfaction.

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