The apartment rental perfect-match chatbot

Real estate agents spend much of their efforts on finding the right clients for their assets. On the other side of this equation are the apartment seekers. For them, finding an apartment to rent online can be a cumbersome and tedious process. The existing solutions are simply not efficient enough. This is where Reello comes with its innovative perfect-match chatbot solution.

the challenge

We needed to find an efficient solution in a crowded market that would top all the rest. We wanted the users to spend less time on the search; get better-matched results (for realtors and seekers alike), and all this using a friendly and simple-to-use user interface

the solution

A chatbot system that uses natural language to build a relationship with the users. A few short questions and you're done - the Smart Agent will find poor the right apartments for you! The realtors, on their side, get leads that match their assets hassle-free.

Searching for that eureka moment

Stakeholder interviews, market research, and competitive analysis gave us insight into the existing solutions – apps, websites, and chatbots – and how to overcome the obstacles that stop them from being the perfect solution. We created user personas, feature prioritization, and a business model.

Designer playground

The founders wanted to have a mascot as the bot's persona, so we knew the logo had to connect with that character. We tried several different things, with the concept of combining a robot and to the real estate world, until we found the one. From that, we had the vision of how the mascot would look.

Designing the app

Brand identity and mascot in hand, we went to design the app. We had an interesting journey from wireframes to final UI, answering all requirements, product goals, and research conclusions. The outcome was a simple, friendly interface and a positive user experience.

Impressing potential investors

Solid Business and Product in the making, the founders are looking for investors. We created a Pitch Deck to catch the big fish. We wish them the best of luck!

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