The Poker Academy

A courses website that helps poker players break throuth into the poker industry

The academy was founded in response to amateur poker players' need to master the higher level games to advance from home games into professional tournaments.

The challenge

The main challenge was to design a website to help users complete course tasks easily and quickly while at the same time making sure that the business owners could see the potential of the website.

our solution

We conducted business research and entered the heads of poker players to find out how long it would take them and how many credit cards they would be willing to accept on the site so that there would be a win-win situation.

Management research at the beginning of the road

We focused on understanding the market needs and management goals. We conducted in-depth market research, which enabled us to comprehend the needs of the potential clients. We acquired the ability to translate management goals into feasible strategies and tactics.

UI Design that's tailored to business goals

Once we completed the research and analysis, we realized exactly what pages and components were needed to address management's business goals. It wasn't easy, and we had to fix and improve every page separately because of its business needs.

Developing a site that meets its UX and UI requirements

Since the design results were so crucial to our goal, it was imperative to build the website in a pixel-perfect way from beginning to end in order to reduce the research gap. We're delighted with the Academy's website because it meets both their management goals and the goals we set. Good luck, Academy!

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January, 2019

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 UX/UI Designer

  • 1 WordPress Developer

  • 1 QA Engineer


August, 2019