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Launch Plan

The launch plan is not planned when the product is ready and launched. We are starting the plan 6 weeks before the product itself is prepared to meet users. We'll brainstorm some of the customer ideas together with ours, in order to prepare the important stages to production: marketing, development, PR, support and more.


We take care of your launch, end-to-end, no surprises when you supposed to go live. The marketing strategy that built at the beginning will be used with all relevant assets: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, PPC, everything. On the day of the launch, we are just yours, paying full attention to the launch of your baby.

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    Audience building

    We are going back to the audience we built at the beginning and verify it's still relevant for the MVP we constructed. In any case, the following questions will be answered: How old are they? What is important to them by using our product? What motivates them? Does our developed product answer their needs? We will provide conclusions for us and for you so both sides will be aligned with the launched product to the relevant audience.

    digital marketing - email, google and social media

    We will start using a landing page before we are going live in order to collect leads and users who are interested in our product. Based on that, we will create a list that can be saved for mailing list when we are launched. We will start posting on social media to make the users "hungry". Keywords and some content pages will be deployed for letting Google find us on the internet.

    Launch day

    First of all, let's start with choosing a day, be sure that we didn't just pick up a day. We researched for users readiness, your product, and management readiness, all of the product functions are working after QA engineers approved those. On the same day, we are all yours, hand by hand, deploying the product to production, see the numbers growing up and support you, in any case, you will need us.

    OK, we went live, what's now?

    Great question, we will test and test and test and a little bit more test, why? because we want to make sure you're reaching the goals we set. If something goes wrong - we will provide conclusions once a week to prepare the next MVPs which will find your product more engaged with the market.

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