What is it a Design Sprint? And when should you run it?

A Design Sprint is a method of implementing Design Thinking, which is initially used for solving complex issues throughout the entire co-creation. It can even solve the problems related to qualitative testing using targeted users. This framework system has been developed by designers from Google Ventures. It was designed to align all the teams under one specific shared vision with a clear set of defined goals or deliverables. This framework system is now being adopted by both small scales as well as large scale business organizations. It is getting vast common to be used in various industries.

How does Design Sprint work?

The Design Sprint framework runs for five days, which makes it helpful to solve different problems. It is even used to answer all the critical questions in any business. By means of a small team and with a set of precise schedules for at least one week, you will be finding yourself getting incredible from problem to the course of tested solutions.
The Design Sprint framework runs for five days, which makes it helpful to solve different problems

How long does the Design Sprint take?

The original Design Sprint is based on a five-stage program that may run for five constant days to solve all big and small problems. It is also sufficient for answering all the business-related critical issues. By taking into account the small team and a clear set of schedules for the whole week, you will be progressing from mapping your problem to testing the solution.
  • On Monday, you can create a simple map related to your problem.
  • On Tuesday, every single person will sketch down the solutions.
  • On Wednesday, you can figure out which sketch is the strongest one.
  • On Thursday, you will be building a realistic approach to the prototype.
  • And at last, on Friday, you will be testing that specific prototype using five targeted customers.
The Design Sprint Academy has often redesigned the Design Sprint framework program to establish the whole problem effectively in front of the sprint. This can cut down the entire duration of the program from 5 days to a maximum of 4 days. This can even help you to refine some more fabulous core activities, so you can eventually improve the team to progress throughout the entire program successfully.

When should you run Design Sprint?

In case if you find yourself getting trapped into certain circumstances where you cannot balance business opportunities and customer requirements easily, then this is the moment when you should think about running a Design Sprint. The Design Sprint is exceptionally useful in providing you with some opportunities in terms of clarity and focuses all around where your company should be engaged in devoting resources. You will experience that just in the first three days, and you will be able to achieve focus and greater clarity. Hence finishing the full Design Sprint framework will let you test different concepts that give you a better understanding in view with customer insights. will-h-mcmahan

Design Sprint VS Agile

Well, so many people are confused between Design Sprint and Agile! So here we have a comprehensive discussion between the two frameworks to highlight the differences between the two:

Introduction about Design Sprint

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Design Sprint, as we mentioned beforehand, is a methodology that is based on solving business problems through design. Design Sprint is divided into different categories and types. But the best one is one such which has been developed by Google Ventures. By using Design Sprint, the team can work in a comprehensive, collaborative manner to solve all fundamental problems which they might encounter in a product.

Different phases of Design Sprint

The Design Sprint framework is based on five days of processing work. It can even be cut down through a proper set of planning. The most formal way of using the Design Sprint is 5 days a week, which starts from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. You will be mapping down the significant problem, sketching the whole issue, figuring out the suitable solution and creating a complete realistic prototype approach.
You will be able to achieve focus and greater clarity

The main purpose of Design Sprint

The primary purpose of Design Sprint falls under the terminology to improve your business and products. Different companies or even startup holders can use them. This framework system is now being adopted by both small scales as well as large scale business organizations. It is getting vast common to be used in various industries. It can even help generate the new idea of business, reduce money and time as well as improve the product.

Introduction about Agile

Agile was introduced in 2001 by Agile Manifesto. This framework functions as an approach in which it performs the task of making decisions in the middle of software development teams. The agile framework is merely concerned about the processes and completing the task of decision making in any organization development. All the members of the team will be working in various phases and will be updated to validate the whole product or even the service. Some of the famous agile methodologies are Kanban and Scrum. In short, it is all concerned about carrying out decision making in the process of development.

The main purpose of Agile

The primary purpose of Agile is to let the companies and different equipment development as well as software to organize their entire production.

Final verdict

In terms of task performance and functions, Agile is entirely different from Design Sprint. Agile is just concerned about making decisions, whereas the Design Sprint comes up with a solution through proper planning and weekly criteria.



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