SEO for startups: 9 keys to success

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that will increase the quality of search engine rankings and search engine traffic. This is mainly handled by raising a page’s location to a higher rank in search engine results. To have a better understanding of the SEO, we have broken down the process into different sections for the start-ups:

The proper use of SEO services

Through the proper use of SEO services, you will be able to tap millions of those online users who have been looking forward to finding your services and products. You can easily give your website prominent visibility by regularly dedicating a portion of your marketing budget to SEO. As search engine studies show, most users trust results in the top 3 and these pages get roughly 80% of all search traffic. By bringing your site up search engine ratings and achieving a top 3 result for a given keyword, you will generate a massive amount of traffic for your page.

Why startups need SEO?

The main question many website admins ask is why a startup should need SEO. These are some of the top reasons SEO can benefit any page online:

  • It can be difficult to keep up with the competition without investing some money into SEO.
  • It offers an excellent return on investment. The ongoing traffic for your page can lead to untold sales, ad revenue, and notoriety for your page.
  • SEO knows is responsible for getting your brand out there. You need proper optimization for terms within your niche to get any kind of brand notoriety.
  • It is a small investment for your company to make and there it can be affordable for any size company.
  • With proper research and follow-through, you can capitalize on your market.

The difference between regular SEO and SEO for startups

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SEO optimization can be trickier for startups when compared to longstanding businesses. A business that already has a following online likely has some ranked search engine results and is gathering regular traffic. A large corporation that has been working in their niche for years may even have an authority spot in a search engine where they will be displayed near the top of search engine results.

The problem that these major players present for small businesses is that their content makes it more difficult for a start-up to break into search engine traffic and continue to rank their pages past the longstanding results.

Startup SEO is often more challenging to do well, but it is not significantly different than regular SEO. The scale of the challenge is greater and this often means that a small business needs to be smarter about their SEO research.

In order to compete with some of the largest businesses in the industry, a company needs to use its budget most effectively. This can mean performing advanced keyword planning, publishing great content on the regular and even targeting some of the audience demographic that regularly visits the larger pages.

Although the competition will be significant, a small start-up does have a chance with the right research and marketing company to aid them.

Laptop with google homepage

The benefits of SEO for startups

  • It can help you establish a foothold in the market
  • It requires very little investment
  • It can help you poach some customers from your competition
  • It will work as an investment for the future of your business and snowball as you grow
  • It can give you a massive boost in your local market

It can be tempting for many startups to consider the option of avoiding SEO as an expense because they feel the competition is too steep. There can be many advantages to placing some of your marketing budgets into SEO however:

It is cost-effective marketing:

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. When compared to other programs like PPC advertising, SEO is going to always offer a greater return on investment.

It gets easier if you start now:

A large portion of SEO is content strategy. By putting out quality content today, the process of optimizing your page, later on, will get easier. Each piece of content that you produce has a chance to rank and after several months of work on SEO content, you can see a big difference in your search traffic.

It leads to brand recognition:

Even a quick view of a search engine result with your company name can count as brand recognition. This type of involvement can be crucial when you are a new company.

You can take advantage of new features:

Google search algorithms are changing all the time and new features like video search and voice search have allowed many new startups to take advantage of trends. Staying close to trends can be a great way that you can skyrocket your results when changes are made on the platform.

9 Keys to Success

  1. Goals - Setting a reasonable goal for your SEO can be crucial to tracking your progress and obtaining success. Most businesses get into SEO without setting goals for traffic or results and this can lead to progress which is mostly unfocused.

    You can look at goals for metrics like your bounce rate, average time spent on site, visitors to your sales page, and more.

  2. Startups SEO Strategy - Without a proper strategy for your SEO, you can go about the process in a very unfocused direction. You need to consider your audience, the keywords you will be using, and how you would like to optimize to beat out your competition. Strategy sessions and working to improve your optimization from a multi-faceted approach can be crucial. When speaking to any SEO professional about optimizing your page, you need to understand what their strategy will be to rank your page.

  3. Minimizing Load Speed - A page with optimized images, content, and fast loading can be crucial to obtaining a top search engine slot. Google algorithms prioritize the fastest loading pages and most users will quickly close off a page that takes more than 10 seconds to load.
    Performance view
    The lighthouse chrome extension is a solution you can use for not only SEO but also for your performance. This plugin will show you elements of where you can speed up the load time for your page and improve the speed of your site.

    SEO Report
    You should be paying attention to your content loading time as well. All websites that have high loading speed will often lose traffic. Faster loading websites will often keep users on a page for longer and help a site reach a much higher page authority as a result.

  4. UX Signals - The way a viewer navigates your site and the way that a search engine crawler will explore your site can also be extremely important for ranking your page. The user experience for your page will often determine if you are going to have a repeat visitor. If a potential customer has a poor experience with navigating your page, they often will not be back to view your page again. User experience can come down to navigation, the number of words on your page, compatibility with different devices and browsers, the tags and headings you use, and more.

  5. Optimization of titles, URLs, and Descriptions - The first tip has aged but it is one of the most important for optimization. This tip is about the optimization of the titles as well as different URL and descriptions. You should be adding titles like this on the back end of your site to index everything from the URLs to the images that are posted on your site. You need to add a meaningful title along with the catchy description and having a well-formatted form of URL.
    Google preview

    Yoast is a plugin for WordPress and an excellent way that you can improve your URLs' descriptions and the optimization of titles. Taking the time to improve your page with Yoast can often be a crucial way that you will be able to maximize the value of your page with very little effort.
    SEO Analysis

    Missing out on meta tags, image tags and headings could be like missing a crucial structure of your page that is required for ranking.

    Yoast SEO

  6. Providing Fresh and Unique Content - One of the other most important factors to ranking your page is publishing quality content for your visitors. This is one of the most important points to keep in mind. Visitors will never be returning to your site if they are constantly finding old content. They are always looking for something fresh and new, which is original as well.
    Publishing original content and working hard to keep publishing unique content will give you more search engine results and a reason for your loyal users to keep coming back to your page.

  7. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly - Try to keep the website completely mobile friendly. It needs to have a responsive design that can be displayed on tablets, smartphones, and more.  Search engine algorithms can penalize sites that are not designed for compatibility today so if you don’t make your site mobile friendly, you could be limiting your traffic and shooting your site down search engine results.

  8. Keep Content Understandable for Readers - Targeting your content to your readers is essential. This can mean finding your own writer's voice and making sure that your readers can understand where you are coming from. Making content relatable and understandable will make sure that your content can be well featured and designed to rank online.

  9. Link Building - Ongoing link building can be a great way that you can get more web traffic while improving your search engine ranking. The process of getting other websites to link back to your page is link building and if a site that has more traffic than yours is linking back to your page, this will do wonders for your search engine ranking.
    Building up links for search engines can be an excellent way that your site can have more search engine rankings and potentially higher search engine rankings, each time you have your content shared on a platform that is higher ranked than your own.



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