Hybrid App


Hybrid mobile apps bring together native and web technologies. They may consist of a mix of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and they will live in a native container that gives them access to device capabilities.


Hybrid mobile applications are programs that are installed on a device just like any other app. Their main characteristic is that they combine elements of native apps, applications developed for a particular platform such as iOS or Android, with those of web apps or websites that function like apps but do not require installation on devices but can be accessed via a browser on the Internet. Hybrid apps are integrated into a native mobile container with a mobile WebView object. This object displays web content using web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, HTML) when the app is used. It displays desktop website content that has been adapted to a WebView display. When the app is opened, the web content can be displayed immediately, or only for certain parts of the app, like the purchase funnel.