The business care unique tool

Growww is the place where businesses get recommendations on digital tools based on their business pains

The challenge

To create a simple and easy website, and on the other hand, to be technical enough to gather all the tools in the world and give an accurate recommendation to the business owner based on his pain points.

Our Solution

End-to-end process - from digital strategy to screen characterization and flow processes to the app design conveniently.


Digital Strategy
Brand Identity
UX Planning
UI Design

Need Development?

Examining the market and its readiness, creating a strategy for proper business penetration into the market

At the beginning of the project, the most important thing for us was to look at the prospects, the market, the business model, whether the entrepreneurs were really going to make money from the startup. This stage was very interesting as we encountered a lot of challenges that led us to find a successful business model!

A user experience that helps businesses making a quick and smart decision

One of the project's biggest challenges was to create screens with comfortable and smooth flows for the end-user. We needed to characterize the app so that a user answers a few simple questions and within a minute is already in the recommendation stage. The app has a brilliant engine that delivers digital tool results based on user answers.

Smart technology engine combined with a marketing automation knowledge

We have reached the implementation stage and have constructed a brilliant customer testimonial tool. The project was successfully launched, combining Facebook and Instagram campaigns with marketing automation integrations.

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